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These are amazing! We bought two sets and used them as ...

August 31, 2016
These are amazing! We bought two sets and used them as cots since our children are young, but we'll definitely stack them and use them as bunk beds in the future. Very sturdy and excellent for helping kids sleep better during vacation/travel.

Fun and functional - these are great!

Whitney Law
August 28, 2016
This is a fantastic product. - we have already gotten more use out of these than I anticipated. Everyone that has seen ours wants a set of their own. They are reasonable to carry, relatively compact to store and quick to assemble. My kids (8 and 5) love to sleep on them.

Five Stars

Alice Moore
August 23, 2016
Much longer then I expected, exceptional quality. With the added length with last for many growing years.

This bunk bed cot is amazing. It is a little heavy

Bridget Rabon
June 9, 2016
This bunk bed cot is amazing. It is a little heavy, but is super sturdy, is easy to put together, and is very well made. Our kids are four and seven and they fit perfectly on it. The couch option is fun too. I highly recommend this for people with kids who need to have the sleeping flexibility wherever - camping, hotel rooms, or sleeping at a friend's house.


June 12, 2016
Easy to setup. Worked perfectly for cousin sleep overs and can be stored under a bed when not being used.

Kids love it!

May 18, 2016
I purchased this for a future camping trip, but found that it is great for road trips where we stay at hotels and even for the house! We converted it to a sofa, and the kids watch tv from it. Very sturdy and well designed. The pockets are a huge hit too. My son like putting his ipad and drink in it.


August 29, 2016
My grandkids love using the beds at my cabin. They use their sleeping bags and camp out. I have 2 sets for my 2,4,6, and 7 year old grandkids. I do not think they will be long enough when they are 12 years old.

Very happy!

August 8, 2016
It was very easy to put together. Very good quality and our 4 and 2 year old girls are thrilled to be sleeping on bunk beds. They're not too high so they can easily climb in themselves and I'm not worried about them falling off. We have them at our place at the beach where space is limited.

kid o bunk

August 8, 2016
My kids love the "kid O bunk". They nestle into them and put all their treasures into the nifty pockets. They are extremely easy to put together, mobile, and compact in the carrying case or even when put together. I feel they are not as sturdy-as I would like compare to the the adult version of this bed. Its okay for family trips with our young kids (3yr/5yr) . I would say good for kids 8yr younger. We had thought with the weight limit being higher even our kids are older they would fit. But since they do wobble a little not so much. We have to remind our little ones not to play around on them, jump from bed to bed, and of course no standing.

Kids love it!

August 8, 2016
I bought these for our camp and as a surprise for our 4 and 7 year old. they loved it and have been looking forward to using it since!

Ultimate daytime toddler lounger.

June 24, 2016
Ultimate daytime toddler lounger. Can make a tent for witha camping mat and the babe is set. Holds the little treasures for tidy keeping. Very easy to walk around and move for vacuuming cookie crumbs.

Love these bunks!

Kerry Indresano
March 2, 2016
I love these bunks! They are perfectly sturdy. I didn't expect them to be so solid! I'm so pleased and feel that they are totally safe for my kids!!!! The size is just right! I ordered toddler sleeping bags and they are the perfect fit. I am telling everyone I know about your product. I purchased these for a two week vacation on cape cod. But I will use them for sleep overs, outdoor camping and just something fun to do at home on a Saturday night. I think anyone with kids needs a set of these on hand!!!! I love love love disco bunks!

Very Pleased!

Aline Berger
January 26, 2016
I have been very pleased with my set of bunks. My daughter's family are missionaries in Africa and spent four months in our home and rose and Everett were very comfy on my bunks. Rose really loved the drink/book holder attachment. The family bought a set to keep at the other grandfather's home in New York.

Fun and the kids love it!

Buys Too Much
January 11, 2016
These bunk beds allow us to fit 2 adult large cots and one kids disc-o-bed in an 8 person tent which was the goal. The fact that the kids are actually excited about sleeping in it makes it that much better! I appreciate the quality of this product from the materials down to the carrying case with elastic to hold every piece into place. The kids use the storage and there is one pocket that fits a kid-size water bottle perfectly. All in all a lot of thought went into every design choice. The only negative is it takes about 10 minutes to set up and take down, and it is not light weight. I would definitely recommend it if it fits in your budget! :-)

Highly recommend

Kristen B
January 6, 2016
Easy to put together after reviewing directions. Kids (4&2) love it. We use them regularly for overnight trips to grandparents house, vacations or hotel stays, and camping. They are kind of heavy so I'm not sure the picture of the children effortlessly carrying them is very accurate and we don't really see a point for the "couch" set up.

they love them! My granddaughter is 7 and loves to ...

Maureen A. Rupert
January 5, 2016
I bought these for my grandchildren....they love them! My granddaughter is 7 and loves to sleep on the top bunk & my grandson who is 3 loved the bottom! Very sturdy and very easy to assemble!

Five Stars

December 30, 2015
This fantastic. The bed arrived early. Perfect for small spaces and young twins.

Perfect for the purpose

December 28, 2015
This compact bunkbed is perfect for our purpose -- temporary bed for grand-boys 8 and 10. We just put sleeping bags and pillows on it. What's more, this is one of the best assembly systems I've ever seen, an ingenious interlocking design. It is easy to do, good directions, and the bed is firm -- no wobbles at all.

Great unit

Jeanne Felfe
December 23, 2015
We just put it together last night and it seems sturdy. It's a bit more difficult to assemble than I was hoping for, making it less likely to be "portable" but it could be done. The kids haven't used it yet, but will tonight. I'll repost if anything changes in my opinion of it.

A+ service and product!!

M. McCuistion
December 19, 2015
A+. Exactly the product and condition I expected with prompt service. Would definitely recommend this item. My grandkids love it. Very high quality.

Perfect Solution For Grandkids

Joseph R. Donnaway
December 17, 2015
A perfect solution for occasional young overnighters. This bunk is very well designed and constructed of lightweight yet sturdy materials. The packaging in the carrying bags is excellent, the bunks will be easy to disassemble and transport. Stylish and fun. I expect that the kit will be out on loan for sleepovers quite often

Easy to assemble and so comfortable

December 16, 2015
Fabulous product! Easy to assemble and so comfortable. The kids immediately noticed no bar in the middle, unlike other camping cots we've had. They want to sleep in it every night! I can fit fairly comfortably on the bunk as well, but then I'm only 5 foot tall. Great product- hope it continues to hold up as well as it has. And the fact that it all comes packed in bags and is easy to take on trips is a bonus!

Five Stars

Mike Williams
December 4, 2015
Easy to put together. Sturdy and well built. The Grandboys loved it!!

My kids love this bunk bed

Jose A. Arroyo
November 12, 2015
My kids love this bunk bed, it is the perfect item to carry when you are going camping or even to a sleepover at a friends house

My kids love these! Super comfy with the stretchy green fabric

Jaleta Gourley
November 3, 2015
My kids love these! Super comfy with the stretchy green fabric. My kids aren't crawling in with me anymore!


Amy Hensley
October 19, 2015
My kids love this bunkbed. Even their cousins who come to visit.

Bedtime is a breeze

Gloria G.
September 16, 2015
These cots are perfect for the grandsons when they visit. They are sturdy and easy to assemble. We use them separately as single beds. They also have a carrying case that makes it easy to use them when we travel. Best purchase we made this summer.

Kids loved it will order a 2nd one

Lynnette Fisher
September 16, 2015
Kids loved it will order a 2nd one

The bunks are great!

September, 18 2015
The bunks are great! We have not had a chance to bunk them, but frequently use them as cots for guests and at the lake house. Much better price tag than adding a second floor!

Super pleased.

September, 16 2015
I love the product. At first glance opening the bag of the first cot, I was overwhelmed at all the parts. However, the instructions were clear and easily understood. It took two of us, but assembly was fairly easy. After doing it once, we got quicker at assembly each time thereafter. I highly recommend it. Super pleased.

We LOVE the kid-o-bunk!

September, 15 2015
We LOVE the kid-o-bunk! We used it during the summer when all our grandchildren were in town. They would "fight" over who got to sleep in the bunks. Our local grandchildren continue to want to sleep in the bunks when they spend the night.

I love the kidobunk

September, 12 2015
Thank you very much, I love the kidobunk (we already used it 4 times since august) and I was already a satisfied costumer of the disc-o-bed. Lot of my friends are interesed in your product they only problem is we have to travel to the states to order them :) when will you offer it in Canada?

The Kid-o-Bunk was perfect for us.

September, 2 2015
The Kid-o-Bunk was perfect for us. We have two Grands, age 3 & 6, who not only enjoyed sleeping in them but were delighted to help “assemble” them. :-) When they arrived at our house we took them to an empty bedroom and said, “Here’s your bed.” Of course, they both said, “Where is the bed?” And we pointed to the pouches.They had a great time getting out the parts and helping g-Pop put them together. :-) Kate


Debbie Kirkman
August 28, 2015
I have a very small two bedroom house. When my son, his wife and their three kids come they share a bedroom. The kids love love love this cot bunk! What a great idea!


Robert L Howie
August 24, 2015
SOOO AWESOME. It does take a bit more space than sleeping pads for the kids but saves in space in the tent when stacked and also so much fun for my boys. Pretty light weights and built well.

Great product!

Alan Adamsa
August 12, 2015
Awesome, easy to set up and take down and the kids love sleeping on it.


L. Watson
July 17, 2015
My grandkids love these! Great for grandma travels!!

It was easy to assemble and a great size

July 16, 2015
My kids adore this and we have used it almost every night since we got it! It was easy to assemble and a great size. My only complaint is that the "couch" assembly leaves something to be desired, as the bar in your back makes it uncomfortable and it definitely needs pillows to make it comfortable.

Great easy, portable bed for the kids at Grandpa's

L. Watson
July 14, 2015
Really neat purchase. Arrived a week ahead of estimate. I anticipated it being a little longer but my fault for not measuring. Great easy, portable bed for the kids at Grandpa's. Only conflict is them arguing over top bunk. Good purchase!

Eeasy to put together and even easier to pack away

July 13, 2015
I am thrilled with these bunks ...easy to put together and even easier to pack away. My grandkids love sleeping on them when they visit.


Reviewer: MNCampgirl from MN
July 7, 2015
We purchased these cots for a 4th of July camping trip. Our daughter was so excited that we set them up in her room for the two weeks prior to our trip and she slept on them every night. Setting the cots up is relatively painless. We love the option of having it as a bunk or two separate cots. They come in a nice carrying case, making transportation and storage very easy. We plan on using them for camping and for extra guest space for sleepovers. Definitely worth the money!

Easy to Use! Great product!

Reviewer: AMarotz from MN
June 25, 2015
I'm SO glad we invested in these cots! They save us a bunch of room in our tent-- (now the dog crate can fit, too, and our pup doesn't have to spend the night in the car!)- the kids think they're super-comfortable, and I was able to put them up (and break them down) by myself in a matter of minutes. We'll use them for camping, when we visit Grandma's house, and when we have sleepovers! I have a four and seven year old, and can see them fitting comfortably for years-- heck, I'm 5'4", but with my knees bent a bit, I could take a comfortable nap in one if I wanted to! (They aren't too heavy either-- they come in two separate bags, so they're manageable!) Great product-- looking forward to years of car camping! I wish they had a kid-sized organizer that could hang on the side of the cot-- I'm tempted to order the adult one and see how useable it is!

My kids love it!

Reviewer: N. Holbert
May 27, 2015
We have the adult disco-bed for guests and they always love it. When it came time to get my daughter a new bed we looked at what they made for kids. We ordered this right away, thinking it would be perfect. We were right. It was delivered on time today and my husband put it together in around 10 minutes with zero issues (though he has a lot of experience with the adult bed). It is sturdy and doesn't tip when my 5 year-old hops on top. There isn't a large amount of space between the two bunks but my 3 year-old had no complaints. The canvas feels high quality as do the poles and end pieces. The side pockets are a very nice touch - especially the water bottle holder. Overall, we are very pleased with the product and have no regrets. We will be ordering a second one soon for my son.

Works as well as the adult version, but better fit for kids

Steve James
May 19, 2015
Bought this for nephews/niece after owning the adult version. This is the perfect size for them and seems to have all the benefits of the adult version just lighter and a bit smaller (fits my 12 year old nephew fine and while not a giant, he's relatively big for his age). They use it mostly for sleepovers and have a lot of fun with them, usually fighting over the top bunk. I noticed they added a fabric section that covers where the head/feet go, I'm guessing as a safety feature but seems to help elevate the kids heads almost like a pillow also.

The Kids were able to put them together with a little bit of help the first time, but seem to have it down now on their own.

Cool that they come in colors also, something I wish they did for the adult bunks. I've updated my Pros/Cons from my review of the adult bunk.

  • Easy to put together (took about 10 minutes) just snap/locks together. Kids can do it on their own after you show them how
  • Sturdy/Durable, but wouldn't pile several kids on one bunk
  • Comfortable, no cot is like a bed but this one comes very close no bars jabbing in your back
  • Fit perfectly combined with our adult version in our tents when camping
  • Easy to transport, all fit into included carry bags (about size of a normal duffel bag)
  • Side storage was great, kids put their electronics, water bottle and flashlights there
  • Perfect for sleep overs
  • While not as heavy as the adult ones, they're still heavy for a kids, but the older boys were able to carry without issue
  • Space between bunks could be more but wouldn't want the little kids on top that way
  • 2 colors are good, more would be better

Really Great Purchase!

Reviewer: Aerisvii from Albany, GA United States
May 6, 2015
We ordered this product to have on hand for my daughter's sleepovers and we are already loving it! It is very sturdy and well made which was important to us and the ease at which we can put it up and then take it back down and store it is fantastic! After trying it out last weekend, she assured us it was very comfortable and had no problems falling asleep on it. She's already had us take it outside so that she and her friends can use it to stargaze! It's going to be perfect for camping as being up off of the ground will keep her warmer! We are thrilled with this purchase!

The simplicity of the design made that possiable

September, 21 2015
We love the beds and although they came a bit later them we were told. We were able to still put them to use, for another situation. The only other issue we had is no information or instructions! But we put our heads together and got them up and in use. The simplicity of the design made that possiable

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