Children's Summer Duvalay™ for Kid-O-Bunk® - Dinky Pattern

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The multi award winning Duvalay™ has teamed up with Kid-O-Bunk® to offer every child the perfect sleep accessory. The transportable, luxury sleeping bag is good to use at home as away ensuring every child gets a comforting, secure and cozy night's sleep wherever they are. The dinky pattern offers a fun, funky animal print that suits both girls and boys, and makes for the perfect Kid-O-Bunk® add on accessory.

From sleepovers to the next camping adventure, the dinky Duvalay™ consists of a bottom pocket with silver quality memory foam that molds and supports your body and the top pocket houses a luxurious duvet with a washable percale cotton cover. Simply unroll to use.


Bullets/ Features:


  • Duvet and topper combination
  • Rolls and stores easily
  • Complete with a handy, easily removable water resistant cover, which is great for any little mishaps
  • Helps children feel secure and comfortable
  • Ideal comfort for anything from sleepovers to camping trips
  • Perfect Kid-O-Bunk® accessory